The Core

CVT build product companies development team in India, so that, your people, working on your project, with your identity, all under the strong leadership and brand support that we have built over the last seven years. Development as a Service, with you in control. Our developers become your extended team, working directly for you. The basic concept is Your product, your team, our knowhow.

Current product companies those are associated with us are at different stages of their journey, some of them are early-stage startups, some are in the middle of startup and scale-up phase, while some of them are profitable with splendid pace of growth.

The products being developed by CVT are in a very diverse range including but not limited to Cyber Security, IOT, Big Data, Blockchain, Advanced Analytics & AI + Machine Learning covering Insurance, Media Tech, Dark Data Extraction, Banking and Finance domains.

Angel Investment

Not only we help companies to build or scale their product on cost + equity model, we also provide angel investment to some very selective areas.

Cost + Equity model

Only company which can help you convert a great idea into a working software product or take a working software product to next level without asking for any profit or Money from you. You just need to pay actual cost and allocate a reasonable equity of in return.

We make you ready to be funded

We also help you on your product and technology strategy: We don’t only provide help in terms of highly talented developers to develop your product, we also help you on your GoTo Market strategy, Technology and Funding strategy. Having decades of experience working with Private equity firms across UK and US doing technical due diligence for them, we know exactly what you need to have in your product to attract these investors and close the funding.

Growth comes when you are not the smartest guy in the room

We strongly believe that as a developer you only grow when you are surrounded by people smarter than you and we aim to provide you that environment where you are not the smartest guy in the room 😃. We only hire people who are either smarter than us or we can help them grow.

Growth Focused

We strongly believe that it’s not the programming language or a particular technical framework that makes you valuable, there are a myriad of things you need to develop in yourself to become valuable and grow at exponential rate. We are the only company who works to develop you in a way so that you can get a lot more salary outside CVT any day if you wish to step out from CVT. You may call us crazy but that is our normal. We genuinely believe that people should not decide to stay with CVT because they cannot get better offer outside. We will make you ready for market. We spend most of our time focusing on how do we grow you to be ready for Market and that is why we don’t focus on a specific technology or tool because these things will come and go much rapidly than you think.

We have all the reasons you need to come and work with us

Ever wondered receiving phone calls from your friend and colleagues enquiring "Bhai are you sure you work somewhere?". Most of our developers get such phone calls when they see our trip pics. Sometimes it is Goa, sometimes Thailand, sometimes it is Kasol. We do not track login times. Perhaps you were drunk last night and wanted to sleep a bit late today. We do not have any policy to wake you up and come to office at 7AM. All we care is, if you are delivering what is expected from you. There is no difference between Friday and Monday in CVT i.e. you will get full freedom to choose your working place and hours as long as you are not misusing the freedom given to you.

Exposure to Cutting Edge Technology

Given that our founders are very well connected to Private Equity and VC firms, they get to see the technology evolution before it becomes normal. As a part of Tech Due diligence, they regularly do for these for investors - as a result of which CVT developers get exposure to cutting edge technologies much before they become normal to the world. It helps our developers stay a step ahead or their counter-parts working somewhere else...