Gender Diversity


A lot is being said about the role of women in technology and there is no doubt there has been a sense of stereotype when it comes to the role of women in computing, programming & coding. For the longest of time, women have been persistently underrepresented in the field of science.

Computing being a male-dominated sphere has suffered from diversity.

Although, one cannot deny the change in the air & the storm of femme power which has hit the tech field. Recent studies have indicated women are significantly becoming more interested in pursuing computer programming and are doing equally as well or better in programming comprehension. On the contrary, there is a long way to go to establish gender diversity.

The need of the hour is to inspire the younger generation to go into this field, without seeking approval.

Our coming generation has been born into the technology & the time of pandemic has pushed us right in the four walls with a screen constantly attached to our lives.

As the sector gets more central to the world economy and our lives, it is essential more gender diversified groups are inspired and enabled to be part of it.

How can we be the change?

Alterations cannot be an overnight process, it requires time and effort. There are several ways in which corporations can invest to overcome gender disparity. Corporations can work towards introducing policies that are inclusive and rewarding. Mending the pay gap bridge can attract females and different gender identities into computer programming and aid in filling the gap in the employment market as well. Showcasing these efforts and policies on different platform also highlight and encourage socializing. To climb the ladder, it is necessary to become a change-maker.

Programming and coding are a mix of ideas, peoples, and characters. We need to get rid of the monotonous approach and re-create the pool with some revolutionary changes. This is the moment of inspiration we all have been looking for!

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