Amazon EC2 Using FileZilla


As soon as you've setup a Linux instance on Amazon EC2 its obvious to get FTP acess in your next step so that you can transfer files

First of all make sure port 22 is open in your instance's Security Group in Amazon's AWS site ( . You can test by connecting with your Public DNS (e.g. ) like this from a Terminal using the following command:


If that times out then most likely port 22 isn't open. Otherwise you're ok. SFTP uses the same port so we can carry on and set it up. You can setup it by following process:

Step #1: Login to Amazon's AWS site (

Step #2: AWS Management Console => EC2 ( and click on your running instance.

Step #3: Click on Security Groups of your instance:

Step #4: Allowing SSH i.e. Port 22:

Step #5: You add it by editing above panel and after than reboot you your instance.

Note: Never terminate your instance!

Steps to follow

Now follow below steps to connect using SFTP from FileZilla:

Step #1: Download, Install and Start FileZilla Client from FileZilla site (

Step #2: To get round it you need to tell FileZilla about the .PEM file that was created when you built the Amazon instance. Assuming you already downloaded it to you PC, open FileZilla and select the Edit=>Settings menu.

Step #3: Now in Connection=>SFTP and click on button and locate your PEM file. At this point FileZilla will ask if you want to convert it to a format it can use. Say yes and tell it where to put the new .PPK file. Once this is done press OK.

Step #4: Now in menu goto File=>Site Manager... or simply press Ctrl+S than just fill details and connect as shown below...

You should have more luck :-) and do comment below if you are still facing any error!

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