Concurrency In JAVA

Fundamentals - I 

Motivations for Concurrency

There are a number of motivations for the usage of Concurrency in today's time, and in many cases now more than ever we are living in a time where concurrency has become one of the most important factor in the scaling factors of most of the applications that we develop.

Pandas: First Step For Data Analytics


Pandas: First Step For Data Analytics

In this Blog, we'll use the following shorthand:

df | Any pandas DataFrame object
s | Any pandas Series object

Also, a quick reminder — to make use of the commands listed below, you'll need to first import the relevant libraries like so:

import pandas as pd import numpy as np

Importing Data

Use these commands to import data from a variety of different sources and formats.

Numpy: Building block to Data analytics


NumPy is the library that gives Python its ability to work with data at speed. Originally, launched in 1995 as ‘Numeric,’ NumPy is the foundation on which many important Python data science libraries are built, including Pandas, SciPy, and sci-kit-learn.

It’s common when first learning NumPy to have trouble remembering all the functions and methods that you need.


Key and Imports

In this cheat sheet, we use the following shorthand:

arr | A NumPy Array object

You’ll also need to import NumPy to get started:

No Need To Check Nulls?


This is the common exception which every developer deals with, each day. Today we are going to mitigate your chances to meet this exception and believe me if you use the below strategy you are going to miss this exception.

Today we’ll be discussing Null Pointer Design Patten.

Bit : Platform for collaborating on components


What is Bit?

  • Bit is an open-source cli tool for collaborating on isolated components across projects and repositories. Use Bit to distribute discrete components from a design library or a project into a standalone reusable package and utilize it across applications.

Benefits of using a Bit workflow

Strategy Design Pattern

Hi, Today we’ll be going a step forward in the design of software architecture. In this article, I’ll be going through the strategy pattern. 

Why do we need this? If we use this pattern in our coding style, our code will be more flexible and later if you want to alter or extend the code that varies, you can do without affecting that does not.


Very important principle #1 in design -> 

take what varies and encapsulate it … and it will not affect the rest of our code 
 code that changes ← — — -> code that stays the same

Very important principle #2 in design ->

SOLID Principles: Why and How ?

solid image

In this article, we will be learning about SOLID principles. This is the biggest need of the time as we all write the code every day and it becomes a tedious task to make changes into them.

Why you need them:

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