In the early day of the Internet when it was built on the basic block of a client and a server, where 

  • A client can only send a request to the server
  • A server can respond to a client request


The direction of communication was limited back then. Now we are using API, webhooks and Websocket for communication between our client and server, where websocket provides full-duplex communication.

Java Is Still Free

TS stands for Long Term Support, this simply means (at least in terms of OpenJDK) that the vendor who is providing you with the JDK will support that version of JDK for longer than 6 moths. For OpenJDK Oracle will lead the way and for the first six months provide updates by producing OpenJDK builds, but after the initial six months will only provide updates for the Oracle JDK under a paid license. But Oracle will work with other vendors to work on the hand over of code base for OpenJDK LTS and allow them to continue to work on it to provide updates. It is up to the vendor if they want to provide updates and paid support for binaries. For example, the handover has already taken place for the code base of JAVA SE 8 and JAVA SE 11 with Red Hat.

Introduction to RMI and Corba

RMI – Remote Method Invocation RMI stands for Remote Method Invocation. It is a mechanism that allows an object residing in one system (JVM) to access/invoke an object running on another JVM. RMI is used to build distributed applications; it provides remote communication between Java programs. It is provided in the package java.rmi.*

SFTP Access To Amazon EC2 Using FileZilla

Step #1: Download, Install and Start FileZilla Client from FileZilla site (https://filezilla-project.org/) Step #2: To get round it you need to tell FileZilla about the .PEM file that was created when you built the Amazon instance. Assuming you already downloaded it to you PC, open FileZilla and select the Edit=>Settings menu. Step #3: Now in Connection=>SFTP and click on button and locate your PEM file. At this point FileZilla will ask if you want to convert it to a format it can use. Say yes and tell it where to put the new .PPK file. Once this is done press OK. Step #4: Now in menu goto File=>Site Manager... or simply press Ctrl+S than just fill details and connect as shown below...

Web Accessibility - All About

Web Accessibility’s goal is to ensure equal access to information and to make technology functional for everyone.

According to American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), we should be WCAG 2.0 (AA) compliant to provide accessibility features to everyone.

WCAG 2.0 focuses on user needs, not on technology. So, we can use any technology to provide the solution for accessibility.

Meeting WCAG 2.0 A and AA success criteria do not mean our product is accessible. WCAG 2.0 requires the product to be “Accessibility Supported” NOT just conformance to the success criteria.

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