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Do you like the freedom to choose what time you work irrespective of whether its weekdays or weekend?

• Are you tired of staying in #exponentialgrowth #technology #job office to complete your minimum hours even if you don't feel like or you don't have a need to stay?

• Do you fancy working from Goa beach, or from on top of a hill for some time every now and then with the team?

• Do you want to re-live your hostel life again while working on a full-time job?

• Do you need someone on top of your head to mentor you and make sure you grow constantly?

• Do you fancy working in an environment where you get a call from your friends saying "Bhai are you sure you are working somewhere? Because based on your FB check-ins you don't seem to"?

• Would you like to work in an environment where your growth is only dependent on your talent and not on your relationship with the manager or his manager? And by the way, do you also fancy working on cutting edge technology stack and solving some very difficult business problem with technology?

If your answer is YES for most of the questions above then Apply Now.

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Only candidates who understand data structures, algorithms, design and architecture while working for high volume websites with millions of users.

Look for designations of candidates such as: Technical Lead, Sr/ Computer Science Engineer (Adobe) or Principle Architect, Sr Principle Architect, Architect, SD3, SDE 3, SDEIV experience in coding. In this role everyone is coding most of the time and is an individual contributor.

Mandatory Skills:

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