A Deeper Insight into Simple Storage Service

S3 is one of the services provided by AWS, which is the most used, after EC2. There is no doubt that it's one of the most 'used' services by developers on the cloud. I have experienced while working with different teams, that they generally don't leverage or use the power that is provided by S3 to the fullest. I have found that in some cases that can have a huge impact on the overall speed, and cost of development. 

So, to begin with, we can skip our discussion about S3 being a storage service, as this is something that is already given and quite basic. Instead, we will introduce some use cases which are generally not used or leveraged due to lack of knowledge or experience. Now, that’s what Learning Series blogs are for, let’s start!

SFTP Access To Amazon EC2 Using FileZilla

Step #1: Download, Install and Start FileZilla Client from FileZilla site (https://filezilla-project.org/) Step #2: To get round it you need to tell FileZilla about the .PEM file that was created when you built the Amazon instance. Assuming you already downloaded it to you PC, open FileZilla and select the Edit=>Settings menu. Step #3: Now in Connection=>SFTP and click on button and locate your PEM file. At this point FileZilla will ask if you want to convert it to a format it can use. Say yes and tell it where to put the new .PPK file. Once this is done press OK. Step #4: Now in menu goto File=>Site Manager... or simply press Ctrl+S than just fill details and connect as shown below...

Trickett Marine

Carrying one of the largest parts inventories in the United Kingdom, Trickett Marine is staffed by experience personnel with a vast knowledge of the marine spares industry. Our ability to supply a wide range of products is complemented by a rapid delivery service and a comprehensive after sales service.

Surf Doctor

Surf Doctor is the e-commerce name of The Official Test Centre Ltd (OTC) - a windsurfing centre set up in 2006 to provide the opportunity for its clients to test and compare the latest kit on the market before they decided which one is for them. This vision has grown organically into what the OTC is today - a focal point for windsurfing, windfoiling, kitesurfing, SUPing and OneWheeling in a picturesque corner of Jurassic Coast Dorset.


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Built for the cloud, in the cloud

Mailsphere is a next generation email security and archiving company.

We’ve taken a fresh look at the email security and archiving market using the cloud and Amazon Web Services as our foundation.

Mailsphere was founded by a cloud-obsessed, entrepreneurial management team with years of collective experience in using the cloud to disrupt and innovate email services.

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