We are your DataOps partner

We are your DataOps partner

What about Analytics, analysis, Data Science, statistics, Machine Learning, AI, decision support, knowledge management, visualisation? DataOps doesn't do these. It just makes them easier to do.

What is DataOps?

What is DataOps?

DataOps is the behind-the-scenes work that is essential to ensuring your data is fit for purpose. DataOps is the 'dirty' work that means you can focus on getting the value from data.

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Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, our Katsu suite enables us to Harvest, Unify, Process, Store and Deliver data to your requirements.

Client: Hall & Partners

Technologies: MongoDB, MSSQL, C#, Azure

Date: Wednesday, June 01, 2016

80% of the work in data

is upfront, below the surface & behind the scenes.

It slows you down & costs you money.

Our mission is to take this pain away,

and help you get to value quicker.

We are your DataOps partner.

Delivering fit-for-purpose data

for your Reports and Applications.