Concurrency In JAVA

Fundamentals - I 

Motivations for Concurrency

There are a number of motivations for the usage of Concurrency in today's time, and in many cases now more than ever we are living in a time where concurrency has become one of the most important factor in the scaling factors of most of the applications that we develop.

SOLID Principles: Why and How ?

solid image

In this article, we will be learning about SOLID principles. This is the biggest need of the time as we all write the code every day and it becomes a tedious task to make changes into them.

Why you need them:


In the early day of the Internet when it was built on the basic block of a client and a server, where 

  • A client can only send a request to the server
  • A server can respond to a client request


The direction of communication was limited back then. Now we are using API, webhooks and Websocket for communication between our client and server, where websocket provides full-duplex communication.

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