Setting up a team in India was done as a trail because people in the UK were a bit sceptical on the quality of talent and work due to their past experience dealing with traditional outsourcing companies. However, there was a hope that since it is not traditional outsourcing and team will operate under Vinod Singh who was part of the Core team in SeedCloud and ex-Amazon Technology leader.


Over the past few years our Cost + Equity model became a huge success and as a result some of the companies decided to move their entire team under CVT in India and something that was set up as a trail with 3-4 developers has grown into 30-35 developers team acting as core technology team for 3-4 software product companies in the UK which were either incubated or advised by us.


So far, CVT only helps companies to set up their team and operate from India under CVT which is either part of CVT founders network or incubated by CVT founders and where CVT founders have a seat in the board of Directors and some equity in the company.

CVT does not support traditional outsourcing model at the moment and does not accept to work for companies where CVT founders do not have seat in the Board or does not have equity in the company because the current business model of CVT works on Cost + Equity rather than Cost + Margin.


Cost + Equity model (you will only pay the actual cost, no margin etc) is really powerful because -

A. It does not create a conflict of interest were to increase the margin and profitability it as to compromise on the quality of resources

B. Equity ensures that CVT does everything it can to help its partner company grow because that is the only way for CVT to earn money

C. Most of the startup at their early stage cannot afford a high-end CTO and this equity model helps these product startups to get one of CVT founder to help them on technical and business strategy until they can afford a full-time CTO.


At the moment CVT is helping 5-6 software product companies based out of Europe ranging from startup to scaleup stages on their product development and customer journey, it has also helped another UK based product company named Concirrus Ltd to scale and raise series B funding and move out from CVT to their own fully-owned Indian subsidiary.


If you are looking for traditional outsourcing partner then, unfortunately, we are not the right place or company.

  • Provides Offshore Dev Hub: We have many incredible and success stories to tell, please contact us if you think you have a great product idea you want to develop or have a product you want to take to next level via Cost + Equity model.
  • Tech Advisory: We are also doing Technical Advisory for early age startups as well as the companies who are using legacy products.
  • Angel Investor and Incubator: We work with entrepreneurs who need assistance with propositional development, architecture and roadmap delivery, go-to-market strategy and initial seed funding in order to get their start-up off the ground.